Basic and Customized Template

Custom Websites can range from 7K-70K! We believe in creating streamline options and being as efficient as possible without sacrificing customer service. Our complete website packages start at ONLY $995+tax and include’s 2 consultations, custom branding options, personal website management training and more.   We even offer cost affected website customizations for those who want to do an online shop or work in the digital media space, even helping you create a total complete custom designed website.  

$995 +tax = Basic Template
$1,495 +tax = Basic Template customized with 2 additional pages or blog
2,995 +tax = Magazine Template
Starts at: $5,995 +tax = Custom Template

Design and Training Services

Our Al A Cart hourly service is a great way if you just need a little help here or there!  Get new staff trained or learn how to maximize your website for your business needs!

$125 per hour = One-on-One Training Service
$200 per hour = Design Services

Website Maintenance

Most clients realize that they want to continually update their website.  Maybe you need help keeping everything up to date and secure every month, or you would like help customing your blog or pages because of your information changes (IE Resturant or Magazine!) … This is a great option for those who just don’t want the daily management of running their website and want a GREAT value.  Put us on retainer and SAVE MONEY and time while doing so! 

Monthly Retainer for website maintenance (3 months minimum)
$140 = 2 hours a month (gets you an extra 15 minutes of service!) 
$325 = 5 hours a month (gets you an extra 45 minutes of service!) 
$600 = 10 hours a month (gets you a whole 2 hours of extra service!!!) 

Social Media Management

Let’s face it – social media management is a full-time job!   Who has the time?  Let our social media experts help you solidify your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  We will post your pictures, help with content creation, and so much more!  You should spend time on nurturing your business face to face let us help drive your business online! Learn more about our social media management options by scheduling a consultation today!

Includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
$500 a month (3 months minimum)

Content Management

Blogging – we all know it has to be done but sometimes coming up with the content or even just finding the time to do it can be overwhelming!   We have highly skilled writers on staff that will work with you to create SEO friendly blog posts that attract your target clients and keep you fresh-in-mind!

Blog Setup Consultation: $250
Blog Writing and updating: 1 Post a Week

$500 a month (3-month minimum)

Email Setup and Management

Email converts faster than any other medium!  Including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even blogging!  Email is how you keep in touch with your target audience.   It is also the must under-utilized for small businesses and has the HIGHEST ROI!  Don’t let this valuable resource go to waste – keep in touch with your clients and make sure you are top of mind with them EVERY week!  Maximize your email list and get the sales your company needs.   Our email is a full-service option.  We help you set up landing page, your mail chimp account, your opt-in options, and even help you create a custom template that attracts YOUR clients.   And not only that – we help you WRITE your weekly emails.  (Seriously!)

Email Setup: Opt-in + setting up Mail Chimp List
One Time Fee: $150

Email Managment, design, Landing Page, Swipe Copy, and Email verbiage and extra consultation with account manager/writer: (3-month minimum)

$850+tax a month= 1 Email A Week
$550+tax a month = 1 Email a Month

**Pre-buy 6 months and we wave email setup fee